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Great Songs.  Great Singing.  Great Musicians.

Stuart Getz is a singer/songwriter in the classic sense.. 
In the tradition of Henley, Hornsby, Joni Mitchell, and Sting,
Getz has found a sensual middle ground between
"Boy Bands" and Folk. 
Tell your friends about this guy.  There's magic here...

A long history of musical talent and success paved the way for this singer/songwriter from Massachusetts.  His father Ramon Getzov co-wrote the 1951 smash hit "Please Mr. Sun" for the legendary Johnny Ray.  Not to mention other outstanding compositions recorded by some pretty good singers: Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughn, Billy Eckstine, the Ink Spots, Tommy Edwards,  Doris Day...   the list goes on.  Getz knows what a great song is and how to write one... the apple landed right next to the tree.
In a time where mediocrity is fashionable and one hit wonders are the state of the art, Getz is churning out song after song of highly melodic, "Smart Pop", in the vein of AC favorites Sting, Peter Gabriel, and Seal.  Songs such as "Written in Stone", "Kiss the Age of Innocence" and "Pray for Rain" ring with a real-world sensibility and lyrics that deal with everything from love, loss, and the state of the world.

"Songwriting is all about connecting with people," Getz says.  "It's about getting them in the gut so they know they're not alone."

Though he's only 36 this New England native speaks with the authority and wisdom of someone who has walked the musical path from beginning to end, only to turn around and start again.  At the age of 14 he was recording songwriter demos at Chappel Music Publishing.  By the time he was 22, Getz had signed a record deal (the roster also included John Paar & Alvin Lee) with a major label imprint that dissolved after six months.  He survived as a musician in Los Angeles and New York by singing commercial jingles, and working in rock video production.  He recorded demos for Motown superwriter Lamont Dozier and has been a featured voice of ESPN Radio and numerous other East Coast / National jingles.  He's toured with and offered his background vocal talents to such outstanding artists as Roberta Flack and Phoebe Snow.  Flack has recorded the Getz penned, and title track of his debut album "Pray for Rain".

Though Getz has worked and learned from some of the biggest names in the industry, he remains grounded and committed to writing, and producing his own music.  "It's not about the trappings of success.  Success will come in whatever form it chooses." 

"I'm fortunate to be making music at a time when "the craft" will probably be in vogue once again.  I just want to move people and bring them back to the things that really matter."

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