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liner notes...

Written in Stone
S.Getz / T. Tracy
  • If ever a song came from the heart, this one was "Written in Stone", from start to finish, within three hours. My friend Sara was visiting friends in Manhattan and staying with me on the Upper Westside. I played her an idea before she went out to dinner, and when she got home... BAAM!!! A song is born!!
  • Joe Boyle had turned me on to the "Rembrandts" back then. This tune kinda' has that "smart-pop" thing happening. Are those guys still together?
  • I could easily say something here I don't want to say... these lyrics, still to this day, makes me feel so vulnerable when I'm singing them. I may be too much the optimist, and too much the romantic.
  • By the way, I've never been more confident about my ability to be in a healthy relationship... I've taken the last five years or so to be alone and listen to Howard Stern and watch ESPN!
  • The guys in my old band "Love Junkyard" helped arrange this one, and Chris Ryan and Brian Fellows are so in the pocket... the groove alone breaks your heart.
  • Mark Thomas was a huge help with the background vox. The wounds were still so fresh; I was somewhat incapacitated. I was trying to lead a band while having trouble remembering how to breathe and put on socks and underwear!!!
  • Need I say anything about Joe's guitar work here? Look it up in the dictionary
    under "Pop Sensibility"!
  • I've always been fortunate to stay very close to the women I've been involved with. This one didn't end that way... but nothing's "Written in Stone". I hope she's well.


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