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liner notes...

All In Good Time
S.Getz / T. Tracy

•This tune was written while the great Tom Tracy and I were living in Santa Monica, around 1986. Yes it was 1986, because it was the great city of LA where I witnessed the greatest Miracle of our time!!! I was screaming like George Costanza from our balcony, at the end of that blessed Game Six. Oh, those Mets! I love 'em!!
•By the way, Tom Tracy caused the whole thing to happen! If you meet him, ask him about "The Wicker Crown"!! Tom, you owe all Red Sox fans an apology for your special brand of BULLSHIT!!!
•The view from our porch offered us a clear shot of SaMo Bay, Beverly Hills and these five lazy Palm trees lining a distant Pico Boulevard. I miss Santa Monica. It was a wonderful time, surrounded by great friends / musicians. Only problem with L.A. is... nobody's funny.
•If you happen to take two hits or so from this vantage point (our porch), on an extremely regular basis... (Neither one of us smoke that funk anymore... bad for the voice and the work ethic!), you find yourself writing everything with a latin groove. Tom had this one pretty much in the can, when I suggested a new melody.
•At some point in the mid-seventies, some brilliant politician suggested a bill that would evacuate the masses and get them to Providence R.I., in case of a nuclear attack on M.I.T..
•These kinds of simple solutions are many times overlooked by those whoe might panic in such a desperate / harrowing situation... and don't forget to dress warm for the impending "Nuclear Winter"!! It's gonna' be a long one!!!


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