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Joe Boyle

Joe Boyle - Electric Guitar / Backing Vox
There are guitar players and then there is this thing that the great ones do, that somehow seems different; like they are actually re-inventing the concept of how this six-stringed instrument is played.  Joe Boyle is one of those rare musicians.

When you see him on stage all the basic components are there:  The Rock 'n Roll attitude; The cigarette wedged into the headstock; He holds the guitar the same way everyone else does; The pick-ups, the amp, it's all pretty standard.  The tone and expression lead you to believe that you are experiencing something completely unique.  If Mark Applegate is a "Rock-solid Guitar Playin' Foundation" Joe Boyle is a "Loose Canon"!
At this point, you can ask any musician in New England about Joe and chances are they've heard of the legend.  This unto itself is pretty amazing.  There is no artist on the planet who does less to promote his accomplishments than Joe.  He just plays.  The great ones don't need to sell it.  They just do what they do and audiences know they're witnessing something special.


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