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Mark Applegate

Mark Applegate - Guitar / Backing Vox

Mark's creativity was nurtured by a musical, supportive family in the small mid-western town of Rockord, IL, "The Screw & Nut capital of the US".  In high school he was the charismatic lead guitarist of the heavy metal band "Savage Grace".  The band specialized in hard driving rock, fueled by Applegate's burning licks and leopard skin spandex.  (Don't miss the Savage grace band photo in Mark's photo gallery!  See if you can pick out Mark's brother and Savage Grace bassist, Erik Applegate).

Mark's thirst for new musical material soon brought him to classical and jazz guitar as he sought to challenge and refine his playing.  This course of study led him to Berklee College of Music where he excelled in his studies and immersed himself in Boston's jazz-rich music scene.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1991, he moved to western Massachusetts where he quickly developed a reputation as one of the region's most sought-after musicians. Mark is a dynamic performer and an outstanding teacher.  He has been recruited to share his love of music with students at music schools throughout the New England including the New England Community Music School, the Community Music School of Springfield and Northfield Mount Hermon.  Since 1994, Mark has been professor of guitar at Deerfield Academy and the Eaglebrook School, two of the finest private schools in the country.  With two decades of experience in music education, Mark has developed a challenging and efficient method of study for the guitar that has proven extremely effective with motivated students.

Mark's arranging skills and sensitive playing are the cornerstone of the jazz influence of Good Puddin's music.  At the very foundation of this project, audiences will find again and again, Mark's sweet, compelling tone moving listeners to toe tapping grooves or to tears.


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