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Here are all the lyrics from
Pray for Rain, painstakingly created by Tom Tracy, Jim Kimball, Mark Thomas and yours truly.  Songs written with two more of my favorite collaborators, Marti Gwinn and Leah Kunkel (The Coyote Sisters) didn't make it on this CD but they will be at the core of future projects.  Not only are all my co-writers immensely talented but they are funny and we like the same food. 
I've been so fortunate to work with great friends who are also great lyricist/musicians. Collaborating is sometimes very trying, but for me far more satisfying than writing alone.  To create something together that you would never have created by yourself is outstanding.  It's there right in front of you like a monument to "teamwork".
Each one of these writers are as talented as they are just outstanding folks.  The kind of people who change the world.
Thanks also to
Jon Leventhal (Shawn Colvin/Roseanne Cash, Producer/Co-Writer) and Joe Salvo (Sony Music). 
I'd like to thank each one of these folks and all the key players in every aspect of my music career, for being such great teachers and friends.  I'm a lucky man.
Every word was written for a reason...


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